Unique use of activated carbon

The unique properties of such conventional coal.

Унікальне застосування активованого вугілля

Black tablet with a distinctive flavor are perceived by many solely as absorbent, but the effect of this drug is much broader. Coal can be clean the surface of the skin, it is not fear to dry it out or damage it, informs Rus.Media.

In order to understand the characteristics of coal, attention should be paid to its composition. Chemically it is an ordinary charcoal, dehydrated after treatment with oxygen. No foreign substances or harmful compounds – just natural ingredients.

Charcoal acts like a powerful magnet that attracts toxins, impurities. It is the basis of the therapeutic effect of drug in poisoning.

The ability of coal to function as a detox makes it a great tool for weight loss. Using the drug you can clear the stomach, to properly prepare for the diet. You can’t take charcoal every day, but using it regularly along with wisely left the diet will allow you to quickly get rid of extra pounds.

The unique properties of coal can be applied to return the tooth enamel white. A couple of times a week – and smile will be truly Hollywood. It is very simple:

  • conventional toothpaste applied to the brush, then immersed in a powder (you just have to crush the tablet);
  • the surface of the teeth is cleaned as usual, after which the mouth should be thoroughly rinsed.

To use this method of whitening to be more frequent than twice in a week, so as not to damage the enamel.

To restore the skin and return the face a fresh, blooming appearance, you can make masks based on coal:

  • the tablet is pounded, mixed with aloe Vera juice and rose water (a tea spoon);
  • the resulting mixture was added a pinch of common salt and about 5 drops of natural oil (recommended tea tree);
  • the resulting mixture is applied to the face, after drying rinse.
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