Ukrainians impressed the judges of the U.S. talent show. Video

Украинцы покорили судей американского талант-шоу. Видео

The participants of the project presented a number called The Escape (Escape), which received four positive evaluations from the jury.

The Ukrainian team presented in the framework of the 13th season of the popular show America’s Got Talent (America has talent) a room called The Escape (Escape). Eventually he got a Yes from all of the jury of the TV show.

The jury noted the originality of the rooms, and the use of modern technology and the relevance of the theme.

The performance of Ukrainians commented on supermodel Heidi Klum, calling it “the most incredible” ever seen.

“It’s like a journey into the future. It was totally”, – said one of the jury members Seikon Cowell.

The team begins as a fascinating journey into virtual reality, but in the end transformirovalsya in the race for survival.

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