Ukrainian startup collected half a million dollars on Kickstarter, ” the Chronicle of world events

Украинский стартап собрал полмиллиона долларов на Kickstarter » Хроника мировых событий

The wheel is equipped with Direct Drive technology.

Feel VR Ukrainian startup collected on Kickstarter more than half a million dollars instead of the required 60 thousand for a gaming steering wheel and pedals.

It is noted that this is a record for Ukrainian projects.

Feature devices Feel VR is their sverhkategorijnost and a small price in comparison with analogues.

The wheel is equipped with a Direct Drive technology, which greatly increases its accuracy and responsiveness. Device with Direct Drive are usually used for professional purposes, the price of this equipment can reach several thousand dollars. Set Feel VR will cost $ 600.

The main part of attracted funds will be used for production, the part — payments of the contractors who participated in the implementation of the campaign, as well as the expansion of the team.

In a startup note that initially planned to raise about 300 thousand dollars.

“To predict the final fees was difficult, but we wanted to this amount. And within the first few hours of the campaign it became clear that forecasts in General are not wrong. Happy with the result, he exceeded our expectations by almost two times,” — says CEO Feel VR Alexey Gnitienko.

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