The entomologist explained why it is impossible to kill pet spiders

Killing spiders brings bad luck.

Ентомолог пояснив, чому не можна вбивати домашніх павуків

But this conviction, there are serious biological reasons: spiders are an important part of the ecosystem and save our home from the many dangerous pests. This writes Matt Burton, a specialist in entomology from the University of North Carolina, informs Rus.Media.

“I know that you might be hard to convince, but let me try. Do not kill the next spider you see in your home, writes Burton. Spiders are an important part of the ecosystem of your dwelling and are also independent organisms”.

The entomologist, together with colleagues conducted a study of 50 urban and suburban homes in search of insects. Each of them was spiders. Most often, scientists have found spiders or spiders tanecnik-senokot. Both of these groups spin webs and wait until it falls a victim.

“Spiders are omnivorous and eat anything they can catch. However, they regularly catch pests and insects that carry diseases such as mosquitoes, — said the biologist. — There is even a kind spider skakunka who prefers to feast upon the blood of mosquitoes. Thus, killing the spider, you don’t just take his life, you get rid of your home is important for a predator.”

Almost all spiders are poisonous. However, the venom of most species is too weak to harm humans. Moreover, their fangs can’t pierce human skin, and their bites are extremely rare. However, we must remember that there are species, which bite is dangerous to humans, such as black widows and loxosceles.

Spiders prefer to hide from people — for them we are far more dangerous than they are for us.

“If you really can’t live with a spider in your house, apartment or garage, instead of killing him, try putting him outside. He’ll find another place, and both sides are happy with the result — calls Burton. But if you can tolerate it — don’t worry about the fact that you have live spiders. This is absolutely normal. And even if you do not see, most likely, you have them. Therefore, to apply the tactics of “live and let live” until the next spider will see.”

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