The doctors figured out how to beat blood disease

In the body of an adult human red bone marrow is the center of education of red blood cells.

Лікарі придумали, як перемогти хвороби крові

Scientists created the model of the bone is possible to study the pathological processes of blood formation in the body and to find ways of their treatment, informs Rus.Media.

Researchers from Switzerland were able to combine mesenchymal human cells and porous ceramic frame resembles the structure of the internal part of the bones. Also in this model, the specialists placed a perfusion bioreactor, which is provided by the biocompatibility of natural and artificial materials.

In the constructed model, bone marrow cells lived 20 days. Scientists believe that the improvement of the model is better to study different processes occurring in the human body. In particular, we can observe how exactly is the disease development of blood in the bone marrow, and experience on this medication.

In fact, you can take the red bone marrow of the sick person and transplanted into an artificial model similar to the innards of the bones. Thus brain cells do not die after separation from the body, and scientists can study them, test drugs without harming the patient.

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