Star aniston jealous one sharpens the teeth on the girlfriend ex-husband

Trampled pride does not allow the actress to live a full life

Звездная ревнивица Энистон острит зубы на подружку экс-мужа

Foreign media that do not leave Jennifer aniston after her divorce from her husband, told interesting details about the star fights because of jealousy.

It became known that the actress is preparing a plan of revenge for girlfriends, ex-wife of Justin Theroux, Emma stone. Close friends Justin Theroux and Emma stone has managed to attribute the novel. These rumors infuriated aniston, reports

Звездная ревнивица Энистон острит зубы на подружку экс-мужа

Theroux and aniston argue that they are just friends. “Aniston learned that Justin talked with Emma stone, being married to her. She was angry,” – said the insider.

Also, the source claims that aniston allegedly tried to steal Emma Watson’s role in the musical “La La Land”, which earned her an Oscar.

“Jennifer persuades influential and loyal friends to boycott Emma stone and refuse her in the filming,” added the insider.

Previously “Know.Eeyore” wrote that the actress attended the ceremony AFI Life Achievement Award.

Hollywood beauty Jennifer aniston, who is divorcing her husband, was just delighted fans with his appearance and a fine form at the awards ceremony, AFI Life Achievement Award.

The ceremony saw her in the company of his colleagues and old friends Courteney Cox, which, by the way, just decided to get married.

Звездная ревнивица Энистон острит зубы на подружку экс-мужа

For the case of Jen chose a black dress that emphasized her slender figure. Complement the image of jewelry, sandals and loose hair. Many noted that after the divorce, aniston has been looking a lot better and even prettier.

Звездная ревнивица Энистон острит зубы на подружку экс-мужа

We also remind that recently the actress, famous with the cult TV series “Friends” Courteney Cox and Jennifer aniston appeared on the awards ceremony, AFI Life Achievement Award together in a black fitted gown. Perhaps they did it to more profitable to look together on stage, presented the award.

Aniston and Cox are not only at official events and on set. Women have become very close and are friends for the past many years. Courtney even was a bridesmaid at the wedding of Jennifer. And although her marriage was still a strong friendship, and they are often seen in an informal setting.

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