Soon the medical worker’s Day in Ukraine

When Day care providers?

Незабаром День медпрацівника в Україні

It’s time to find when the Day of medical worker in 2018, informs Rus.Media.

To begin, we note that the professional holiday of all doctors involved in health care in Ukraine is traditionally celebrated in the summer. But still every year it changes the date.

Незабаром День медпрацівника в Україні

The day of the doctor in Ukraine to 2018

Answering questions from our readers about when the Day of the doctor in 2018, to announce: professional holiday-the Day of the doctor is celebrated in Ukraine on the third Sunday of June. Thus, in 2018, the holiday fell on June 17.

Also note that the tradition to greet the summer, physicians have remained in Ukraine, Russia, Belarus, Moldova, Armenia and Kazakhstan. But it is also worth remembering that there is also the international day of the doctor, which is celebrated on the first Monday of October.

Don’t forget to congratulate the representatives of the profession with their day and stay tuned to not miss the Day of medical worker 2018.

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