Sony presents the first frameless smartphone

The developers have told us not only about the future changes in design.

Sony stands out among the other smartphone manufacturers for its dedication to design gadgets. However, the employees of the Corporation said that in a short time, the design of their phones may incur more changes.

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During the interview, which was held by Sony, the developers have told us not only about upcoming changes in design, but also revealed their own secrets of creating smartphones.

Representatives of Sony said that the choice of aspect ratio depends on each specific device and its method of use. For example, the top-end Xperia XZ2 Premium conventional aspect ratio 16:9, since its 4K display better suited for viewing photos and videos, which is less convenient when plate ratio of 18:9, when users get black bars on the sides or cropped picture.

Designers of the Japanese company also directly asked about current trends to a reduction of framework. They openly said that working on several potential projects, but to hurry up with their release in the company do not intend to.

Sony wants its smartphones were comfortable and provided a good perception, that may entail reducing the size of the frames. In addition, the company will have somewhere to move the stereo speakers and the front camera on the front side, if she wants to release a fully frameless smartphone.

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