So it’s a real “Super”! What happens to the body when you eat strawberries?

Scientific studies have confirmed a fabulous speculation.

Так це ж справжній Суперфуд! Що відбувається з тілом, коли ти їси полуницю?

Strawberry from ancient times been considered a magical berry and is mentioned in many legends. So, in Bavaria it is still a joke to use in a festive ceremony: fragrant hang small baskets on the horns of a cow. It is believed that her love forest fairies and in exchange produce a lot of milk. American Indians mixed berries with cornmeal and baked it. Strawberry bread came to taste the colonizers and they created their own version of the recipe. In Rome, the strawberry was a symbol of Venus, goddess of love, because of the remarkable shape and red color. It was used to alleviate “the symptoms of melancholy” and treated “broken heart”, informs Rus.Media.

Over time, scientific studies have confirmed the fabulous speculation — for example, strawberries, really, you can improve heart health. What happens to the body when we eat this berry?

  • A Harvard University study, published in the scientific journal Circulation) confirmed that regular consumption of anthocyanins (a class of flavonoids found in these berries) reduces the risk of heart attack in 32% of women. For this you need to eat strawberries at least three times a week as a natural anti-inflammatory agent, which protects blood vessels from damage caused by cholesterol. A high content of polyphenols prevents blood clots.
  • You might have heard that antioxidants not only slow the aging process, but also to fight free radicals: a) neutralize the effect of ultraviolet radiation; b) block the growth of tumors and reduce inflammation — a kind of cancer prophylaxis.
  • As explained by Dr. Olga Hernandez, a specialist in anti-aging and aesthetic medicine Clinics Tuffet in Barcelona, red berries promote weight loss. This is food with a low glycemic index (40) and high in fiber, regulates blood sugar and accelerates metabolism, even if you eat lying on the couch watching a romantic Comedy. This is a reasonable choice for diabetics and for those who want to open the beach season in the most toned shape. To start the process, you need to eat about 37 strawberries a day. In addition to body pump and even the brain — berry helps to strengthen neural connections and improve memory. A rare folic acid women is often prescribed by gynecologists, contains it in excess.
  • You know at least one useful product, which contains no vitamin C? I think he has really become a modern marker of success. Here and in the strawberry the “C”-sample it is safe to put: a Cup of fresh berries (about 150 grams) contains 160% of your daily value and only 50 calories!
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