Services in the train, whom I know not passengers

90% of passengers do not even know about these services.

Послуги в поїзді, про які не знають пасажири

1. To check out early

You can go by train, which departs in a few hours or days before the flight I bought the ticket without any charges. Of course if there are free places, informs Rus.Media.

2. To get a different ticket if you’re late

If you are late for your flight, don’t buy a ticket. You have the right to renew the ticket on another train, subject to the copayment cost of reserved seat within 24 hours.

3. Get off the train for a few days

The passenger has the right to stop the vehicle in the route with the continuation of the validity of the ticket, but not more than 10 days. For this you must present your ticket at the ticket office at the station stops for affixing the marker to stop within 3 hours of arrival to the station of your desire. And the resumption of trip you will need to pay only the cost of the reserved seat ticket.

4. To prevent the error in the ticketing data

Those who buy tickets through the Internet, in case of discrepancies between the data of the document proving the identity of the passenger, with the data specified on the ticket one letter in the last name and one number in the number of people allowed to travel.

5. Well take the lower Luggage space

Preferential right to use the lower space for hand Luggage is the passenger going on the bottom shelf and the upper seat – passenger, passing on the top shelf. So you don’t have anyone to share his bottom shelf.

6. The dog-Explorer bring free and without documents

Payment for the carriage of guide dogs will not be charged and shipping documents are issued. It needs only to have a collar and muzzle and be beside its master.

7. Free use of the toilet at the station

Toilet at railway stations for passengers free of charge. Upon presentation of a ticket you will not have to charge for visits to toilets along the route of the train. So don’t throw away your ticket, including electronic.

8. Ask for Board games

The conductor is free to ask for a glass, a spoon, even if you don’t buy a tea fork, set of threads and needles, items, care of clothing and footwear, medicines, as well as Board games checkers, chess, dominoes.

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