Ryan Gosling almost died on the set of new film

Райан Гослинг едва не погиб на съемках нового фильма

Hollywood actor and heartthrob Ryan Goslin was injured on the set of the new film.

For quite a long period of time star is gone from the big screen to spend time with his family. However, the entire world is eagerly awaiting his return. In October of this year will be a Grand premiere of the new film Man on the moon, in which Gosling will play a major role.

Райан Гослинг едва не погиб на съемках нового фильма

Ryan Gosling

Of course, if you’re making a movie about space, you need to know what it means to be an astronaut. On the American late night talk show Jimmy Kimmel Live! the actor said that he had to do.

“At NASA, they somehow changed our pace. For example, they built this multi-axis trainer, to help astronauts prepare for the worst incidents that can happen in space. But he turns you and turns in different directions at crazy speeds,” recalled Ryan Gosling.

Райан Гослинг едва не погиб на съемках нового фильма

Ryan Gosling

According to star, he had to spend in the gym for 20 minutes for 6-8 hours to get the required shots. Ryan repeatedly hit my head on the wall, that would hardly matter to the man advantage. Suddenly his health began to deteriorate, and the wife of popular actor, actress Eva Mendes, was the one who noticed that something was wrong.

“Well, I realized that something is wrong, when he returned home. Called eve and was obsessed with the idea that the donut shops around the world there are probably people who are using their charm to try to get free donuts,” told of his bizarre theory of Gosling.

His wife listened carefully to the assumptions of the actor, and then said that Ryan is likely to go to the hospital for help because, apparently, he literally hit his head.

Райан Гослинг едва не погиб на съемках нового фильма

Eva Mendes

The doctor of the local clinic confirmed the words of Eva Mendes. It turned out that the Hollywood actor received a concussion in the first degree. And since he asked for medical help in a timely manner, serious consequences it led.

In gratitude to the beloved wife of Ryan Gosling took her to an expensive restaurant, where he treated her lush romantic dinner.

Earlier, Alec Baldwin admitted that he wanted to accomplish suicide.

Watch video to the movie Man on the moon with Gosling:

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