Presented army jeep AM General NXT 360

Представлен армейский джип AM General NXT 360

Army jeep new generation is called AM General NXT 360 is a descendant of the Humvee.

Recently in Paris is the largest international exhibition of arms Eurosatory 2018. One of the most interesting automotive Premier this year was the army jeep AM General NXT 360 – in fact, the new generation of the legendary HMMWV, reports the online edition of the with reference to

Hummer is a registered trademark under which a manufacturer, the company AM General, HMMWV SUV supplies for export. Under the same name since 1992, sold the civil version of the car.

In 2012, the U.S. Department of defense is the main customer “Humvee” – announced the project of modernization models cost $ 48 million. The purpose of the modernization program was to increase the level of protection of autoobile. So basically presented in the Paris car is the fourth generation HMMWV.

Unlike its predecessor, NXT 360 is a light tactical vehicle body armor. Class of ballistic protection to B7. Anti-mine protection under the front wheels corresponds to the level 2A according to Stanag (the car can withstand the undermining of 6 kg of TNT), and under the rear wheels and in the middle part of the body protection class-level 1+ for Stanag. The floor of the SUV is protected by the ballistic mats, the seats do not have rigid mounting to the floor.

NXT 360 has a reinforced suspension to withstand the full weight of the vehicle to 7100 kg. Under the hood is serving multi-fuel 6.5-liter V8 turbo, producing 250 HP and 624 Nm, the adjutant he – 6-speed automatic transmission.

Military love acronyms and NXT 360 is no exception. NXT means Next Generation, there’s a new generation, and the 360 is the rotation angle of the mobile artillery HMMWV Hawkeye 105 mm caliber, designed specifically for installation on a Hummer.

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