Pasta, pizza and desserts: Zhanna badoeva shocked fans with his “diet” diet

Паста, пицца и десерты: Жанна Бадоева шокировала фанов своим "диетическим" рационом

Ukrainian TV presenter Joan badoeva confessed fans, eat not to gain weight.

42-year-old Zhanna badoeva has never concealed that to engage in the sport she loves and delicious to eat is always happy. Therefore, the presenter almost daily receives many questions from fans about how she is in this diet stays slim and toned. Jeanne long was silent, but finally gave up. On his official Instagrampage that she painted your daily diet. And he really surprised!

Паста, пицца и десерты: Жанна Бадоева шокировала фанов своим "диетическим" рационом

Zhanna Badoeva

“I’m sitting on a sun lounger. You often ask me about my diet. Honestly, I have so much personal and General opinion of those who are trying to eat “right” is absolutely disgusting. Therefore, in order for no one to look up to me, I’m not telling!

But a lot of questions, so write as it is. Morning: coffee (no sugar) and brioche with cream! (7-8 am), lunch: salad, pasta (or risotto), or meat with vegetables or mashed potatoes, or Japanese cuisine! Dessert. Coffee(12:30 – 15:30), dinner: fish or meat with vegetables, or pasta. Sometimes pizza or seafood (19:00). That’s it!

Of course, you don’t need to follow the example of all! Because everything is very individual! You need to listen to your body and understand what and how much and when he needs! While I try to walk or jump on the trampoline! I don’t exercise (don’t like), don’t drink or smoke (not like I do not eat).

That’s all! Sometimes, of course, change something, if you feel that it is hard and my body is not very now wants it! And you how to eat properly or what am I?” — written by a former leading travel project heads and Tails Zhanna badoeva.

Паста, пицца и десерты: Жанна Бадоева шокировала фанов своим "диетическим" рационом

Zhanna Badoeva

We will remind, not so long ago, on may 5, the famous Ukrainian TV presenter Joan badoeva opened specially for his fans the secret of youth and slimness. She talked about the hack, which always helps her to maintain the body in good shape. Read more about this on pages Clutch.

Watch the video, in which Zhanna badoeva told me what he thought when he first saw a naked man:


Zhanna badoeva was born 18 March 1976 in mažeikiai, Lithuanian SSR. Nee her name sounded like Dolgopolskaya. Jeanne is known in Ukraine and Russia as a sought-after presenter and Director. The greatest popularity was brought to her work in the popular project of travel called heads and Tails.

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