Ninja taxi: in Japan there is an amazing service

Ниндзя-такси: в Японии появилась удивительная служба

Also, the service provides the services of a bodyguard.

In Japan, one of the largest taxi operators has launched an unusual service. Now when you select a machine you can come ninja. It will be as it should be armed, and in addition to the services of the driver, and will perform the duties of a bodyguard. This is not the first time a taxi in Japan equipped with historical options.

Japanese company Sanwa Kotsu, which also has an extensive taxi cab company, now allows you to choose a ninja as a driver. In addition to transporting you from point A to point b ninja driver will also portray the role of your personal bodyguard. In fact they are even armed. However, water guns.

In addition to reliable protection ninja will also be able to make the trip agreeable to fans of Japanese history through interviews. Mercenaries for this taught phrases of the ancient dialects.

Company Sanwa Kotsu’s not the first time launches a special taxi company. If you don’t trust the ninja, you can rent a car with the same security agents that accompany the dignitaries. with the pump drive, for example, for an interview

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