Named top ten reasons hormonal failure

Названы десять основных причин гормонального сбоя

The doctors explained, which can disrupt the production of hormones in the human body.

Most often with hormonal disorders that women face, but that does not mean that the representatives of the stronger sex can relax and not be wary of health problems.

When hormonal failure symptoms that people prefer to ignore or hope for their own extinction. But, as a rule, the health in excess or deficiency of some hormones with each day only getting worse.

The most common signs of hormonal failure:

– drowsiness, chronic fatigue, fatigue;

– aggression, irritability, excessive emotionality;

– hair loss and hair growth in unusual places, for example, in women on the face;

failure of the menstrual cycle;

– weight gain or severe weight loss.

Doctors have called all the possible causes of hormonal failure:

1. Climax.

2. Pregnancy and childbirth.

3. Puberty.

4. Stress loads.

5. Unbalanced nutrition.

6. Hormonal drugs, including birth control pills.

7. Unhealthy way of life.

8. Obesity.

9. Diseases of the pelvic organs.

10. Respiratory and infectious diseases.

To prevent a hormonal imbalance, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, and with strange symptoms, is to consult with a family doctor and need to be examined.

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