Named the most popular colors of cars for the next 5 years

The experts were even able to determine which regions of the world will be popular the particular color.

Названі найпопулярніші кольори автомобілів на найближчі 5 років

BASF conducted a special study and found out what car colors will be in greatest demand over the next 4-5 years. In Research took part the specialists from Germany, USA, China and Japan, informs Rus.Media.

The results of this study the experts were selected 65 colors and shades. According to experts of BASF, fashionable all over the world will become warm and beige tones. This is due to the increased attention to the beauty of the human body.

No less popular is the color blue, which symbolizes modern technologies fitted to new cars. However, the traditional black, white and grey color also remains in the trend.

The experts also found that U.S. motorists will buy a car in dark blue. In Europe and the middle East will be preferred cars of yellow, yellow-green flowers, while in the Asian market is the popular pearl white and solid red.

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