Named the best homemade ways of dealing with a toothache

Названы лучшие домашние способы борьбы с зубной болью

Toothache consists of three different time periods.

Unfortunately, this problem is faced almost every inhabitant of our planet at some point in life. The experts identified 7 of the most effective natural means of dealing with a toothache.

Let’s start with the fact that a toothache consists of three different time periods, due to the peculiarities of human psychology. In the first phase the person puts up with a toothache, being sure that it itself will disappear after a few hours or days. We continue to delay the visit to the dentist, and as a result teeth hurt for weeks and months. In reality, this moment is their destruction, which may be irreversible. The second phase people are hesitant to resort to any pills when tooth pain becomes more sensitive. At this moment our kitchen turns into a small branch of pharmacy. Finally, in the third stage, we are still hesitant to visit the dentist. Unfortunately, very often it happens that to do anything to save the tooth is already too late. This is why it is important to promptly see your dentist.

But if this visit is for any reason delayed, it is possible to try for a while to relieve a toothache with a simple and accessible home remedies. Start with ice packs which should be applied to the cheek. Ice reduces the intensity of inflammatory processes. Don’t forget about clove oil, which has been used for centuries to combat a toothache. A Cup of hot water mixed with salt it can be a wonderful means for rinsing the mouth, reducing tooth pain. Data rinsing can be repeated as often as you want.

Among other oils that can be used for rinsing the mouth, called sunflower or sesame. Sometimes it is enough even to combat the symptoms of gingivitis. Erase a few cloves of garlic to one of them stood out a component called allicin, which has anti-inflammatory effects. Helps garlic and small children, and for them it is completely safe. Try to chew a licorice root, which often relieves the pain. Finally, non-synthetic camphor in the form of cubes, too, gives a certain effect, to achieve which need to put one of these cubes to problem tooth. But just remember that if the cause of toothaches is the cavity, none of the named funds in the long run will not help you. Go to the dentist to install the seals until later.

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