Masterpiece show: the Ukrainians broke America’s Got Talent

This room originated as a creative experiment, which we began work in April 2017

Шедевральное шоу: украинцы разорвали America's Got Talent

The Ukrainian team impressed the jury and the audience of the popular show America’s Got Talent a unique number using holographic video projection.

On the creation of unusual numbers “The Escape” (Escape) worked as choreographer Konstantin Tomilchenko and Director Alexander Bratkovsky) and company PROFI LTD, writes “Glavred”.

In the story the main character (Tomilchenko) is a virtual reality. He chooses a walk in the woods under the avatar of a wolf. At first the journey seems to be a normal walk but then there must be some mistake, and stay in virtual reality for the hero transformed into a dynamic race for survival.

Шедевральное шоу: украинцы разорвали America's Got Talent

“This room originated as a creative experiment, which we began work in April 2017. We liked the idea that if we create the dance in 3D space where players can move not only on stage, but above it. In fact, free to “fly” to the audience. After several months of experimentation, we realized that it is not only possible, but can look really exciting,” – said the choreographer.

It is noted that the embodiment of the visual part of the speech was engaged in the Front Pictures.

“Our Studio has created a virtual world around the hero with holographic video projections. We sought to achieve experience, when the scene blurs the line between real and virtual. And judging by the reaction of the audience and the jury, we did it,” – said the head of the Front Pictures Yuri Kostenko.

In turn, the show’s producer and one of the jury Simon Cowell praised the performance of Ukrainians – he admitted that this performance never seen before.

“It’s interesting to see things that actually never seen before. It’s like a journey into the future. It was perfection,” he said.

As previously reported portal “Know.ia” Ukrainian band Onuka will present its new video for the famous festival in Berlin – Berlin Fashion Film Festival and will compete for the prestigious award. This is one of the main festivals fashion films.

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