Leading “Field of miracles” called the price of Russia

For this and sell the home

Ведущий "Поля чудес" назвал цену России

Famous Soviet and Russian actor, producer and longtime game show host “Field of dreams” Leonid Yakubovich Russia will sell for pickles.

He stated this in an interview kp.ru.

Ведущий "Поля чудес" назвал цену России

Yakubovich said that after filming “Field of dreams” tries to immediately run out of the Studio, as there is “something incredible”: “All rush to the drum and eat what’s brought. Moreover, this is a must see. Puts cakes in his pockets, his bosom. Administrators just yell:

“Carefully, children do not crush!” I have the feeling that they come there to eat.”

Thus the presenter does not hide that loves to eat. “For pickles will sell the Motherland!”, – the words quoted Jakubowicz.

“Know.ia” also recalls that there is no permanent host of “Field of dreams” Leonid Yakubovich, called her stupid. Besides, he was outraged by the ignorance of the participants of the capital show.

Before Yakubovich visited as a guest of the program Maxim Galkin and Julia Menshovoj “Tonight”. Presenter of legendary show “Field of miracles” extremely sharply responded about the transfer, which he has done for over 20 years.

“The XXI century in the yard. Nine adults with education seriously in the eyes of the whole country, by letters guess the word. This diagnosis! This is schizophrenia,” says Yakubovich.

As noted by the presenter, the only reason people come on the show, it is to be “on TV” and say hi to my mom.

Also remember, bloggers have noticed the surprising similarity of the Vice-President and Minister of foreign Affairs of the Republic of Guyana Carl Greenidge on popular Russian TV presenter Leonid Yakubovich.

Ведущий "Поля чудес" назвал цену России

The corresponding photo published on the Internet-blogger, Nikita Prokopov with the caption “I Think I downloaded a wrong version of Fields of wonders.”
While most Yakubovich told about the DoppelgangeR and offered to invite Gringa in your show “Field of miracles”. However, Russian television, this idea is not very liking.

“Why? He will lead a “Field of dreams” at home, and I have myself,” said Yakubovich.

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