/ Laminated your “balls” on the red carpet: photo

Elena, of course, not wearing under an outfit underwear

Беркова прокатала свои "шары" по красной дорожке: фото

Russian pornographic actress Elena Berkova knows how to make you talk about yourself. Now the adult film star, along with her husband is on the “Kinotavr” in Sochi, Russia. To exit the track on the seventh day of the festival Berkova chose a floor-length dress with two huge slits that reach almost to the navel. In this case, Elena, of course, not wearing a dress underwear. It is difficult to imagine how she was going to have to keep all your private parts in public.

Беркова прокатала свои "шары" по красной дорожке: фото

Each appearance of Lena in public attracted the attention of hundreds of guests and participants of the “Kinotavr”, because all their clothes / put on a naked body and it was visible to the naked eye.. And in the morning when the girl went to the VIP beach in his bathing suit with a bare chest, for it fled to the crowd of secular photographers to make naughty pictures.

Беркова прокатала свои "шары" по красной дорожке: фото

The husband of actress quietly looked at his Nude wife defile in their underwear in front of strangers men. According to Stoyanova, Elena quit a long time ago with a shameful past and now removed as a regular actress.

Беркова прокатала свои "шары" по красной дорожке: фото

33-year-old Elena Berkova known to the public as the adult film star and former participant of “House-2”.

As previously reported by the portal “Znayu” Russian adult film star Elena Berkova promised sex to all members of the International Olympic Committee in exchange for the admission of athletes of the Russian Federation to the Olympics in 2018.

According to the actress porn, her as a patriot of his country, very upset by the fact that the Russian team is not allowed to participate in the Olympics in 2018, which will be held in Pyeongchang.

“I’m extremely angry and surprised at this outrage and lawlessness. Perhaps Thomas Bach and his team need satisfaction” – suggested/.

We will remind, recently the famous actress of adult movies, Elena Berkova exposed in the show “the Money or the shame.” In an interview with “StarHit” she told about his motives and fears. This is reported by the media.

“For some, shame is the breast show, and for me is a thrill. And her husband is not jealous and in all my support”, – said Berkova.

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