In the US, you may receive two more States

California residents in November will vote for the division of the state into three parts.

В США може з&#039явитися ще два штату

The initiative to hold a referendum on the division of the U.S. state of California into three States managed to collect more than 400 thousand signatures, the vote on this initiative will take place on 6 November 2018, said Wednesday the local administration, informs Rus.Media.

The initiative was launched and prosponsirovat American venture capitalist Timothy Draper of Silicon valley.

“The initiative of Timothy Draper, who has proposed to divide California into three States, has collected more than 402 468 thousand signatures”, – stated in the message of administration of the California.

The initiative provides for the separation of California into three States: California, Northern California and southern California. Part of Northern California will be San Francisco and Sacramento, in southern California will include San Diego, Fresno, Kern and orange. California will include Los Angeles, Santa Barbara and Ventura.

Despite the success of the initiative for collection of signatures, SurwayUSA survey shows that 72% of state residents will vote against the division of California, while to support the initiative ready only 17%.

Even if the initiative So Draper will be able to gain a majority of votes in November, it should be approved in the Assembly of the government of California and in the U.S. Congress.

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