In Russia there are no more of the presidential adviser on the Internet

Vladimir Putin has defined a list of his advisers and assistants, and among them was Herman Klimenko.

У РФ більше немає радника президента по інтернету

Vladimir Putin has defined a list of his advisers and assistants, and among them was Herman Klimenko. Moreover, the position of Advisor on the development of the Internet, which he held, now cancelled, informs Rus.Media.

German Klimenko remembered by a multitude of ideas and statements that do not relate to the development of the Internet, but rather, impose strict censorship similar to the one that is in China. For example, he opposed the Telegram and urged users to switch to ICQ messenger, which easily gives any information to law enforcement and intelligence agencies. Advisor to the President of Russia, he was listed as January 2016.

Statements, which Herman Klimenko:

German Klimenko held in the office of the presidential adviser on the Internet two and a half years. During this time he has made many controversial, ambiguous statements, or even comic, badly tarnished his reputation.

About where to go the users of Telegram:

I like ICQ. This is a full messenger, absolutely not inferior to the Telegram from the perspective of a normal user.

About where you need to treat those who like a Telegram:

Agree with the Deputy chief physician of the polyclinic in the street Zamorenova on urgent opening of two psychiatric hospitals to stay Telegraaf and roskomnadzora.

That is, if Russia be disconnected from the Internet:

If tomorrow our colleagues will disconnect us from the switch, I don’t know if it’s painless, I promise that painless. I am sure that will not be painless. But on its own hardware and software there are no contraindications that we live good and normal.

On the impact “tax on Google” in the prices in the shops content:

We have movies, for example, is cheaper than in the West. They is about $ 20, we movies was 300 rubles, when he was 30, now we have films are $ 5. Of course, it will grow, against this background, the VAT as such do not play a role.

About whose iPhone:

I don’t think this is a purely Russian cell phone possible because components, all made in China. In fact, not American iPhone, iPhone Chinese. I turn on Russian phone. Iron is secondary.

About how we need to avenge the expulsion of Russian companies from the USA:

“Virus” asked to leave America, and we are likely to ask to leave Microsoft, it is interesting to observe. Everyone has someone to drive.

About the fate of the Telegram:

Future Telegram by far — if he doesn’t cooperate with the States it will be closed or blocked, restricted. Should be taken so that the era of anonymity is ending.

How should be the Internet in Russia:

We have half of the “Chinese firewall” is. There are two methods of constructing the “wall” is pre-moderation and post-moderation. China moderated — you knock, and you allowed. In Europe adopted post-moderation — if you shat, you banned.

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