In Kiev presented the trailer for the historical drama “King Danilo”

“In times of war, strife, evil traitors he will become the first king of Kievan Rus and to challenge the enemy did not know the world,” reads the film’s tagline.

В Києві представили трейлер історичної драми «Король Данило»

“King Danilo” is a film of the Lviv Director Taras Khimich. It was removed with virtually no public funding, mostly with the support of patrons. This is a Thriller, drama and even Comedy, and tells him about famous Kyiv, king Danylo Galician, informs Rus.Media.

“We made a special plan of the scenery, built a city. That is, did the medieval environment. It was hard to find what remains from the 13th century. It was very difficult to work with costumes, because there were many different armor, such things took a lot of time and sometimes we’d lost that Golden hour, because a very large amount of accessories,” – said Taras Khimich.

In the film it involves a lot of stuntmen. Starring Sergei Ermolenko. The tricks he performed himself, since he previously worked in professional equestrian theater and was a backup on many international projects.

“Very much thinking about the image of the king of Daniel. I had a lot to do for nature. I thought about how to make interesting scenes of fights, as the intrigue grew around the king himself. For example, when he fought on the outside, he didn’t expect to be in the middle more difficult and painful war. So I think it will be interesting to watch, because there will be drama and a lot ecsino” said Iarmolenko.

The Ukrainian Prime Minister will be held on October 11, 2018.

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