I saw the bite of the tick, first of all don’t panic!

How to remove a tick without problems.

Побачив укус кліща, перш за все не панікуй!

Usually people coming home after a walk in the woods or in the glades of not carefully reviewing things hair, because it is possible to find on the body a few painful bites. What do you do if you find a tick bite?

First of all, in any case, do not panic. If the detected wound – that’s good, because you can pull the tick and treat the bite. But just to pull the tick from the wound is impossible, because there is a likelihood of separation of the insect’s body between its head and the head will remain in the human body, and then it is much harder to pull out, informs Rus.Media.

The traditional method of extracting the tick from the wound – a drop of oil on the bite. From oil killed the tick, but, unfortunately, he is in the morning does not fall it remains in the body. Oil just kills the tick and makes the skin more pliable to the insect it was possible to pull out without losses. Next, tweezers captured the protruding portion of the tick, and when pulling out you need to rotate the tweezers not clockwise, it will help to completely remove the insect from the wound. Then the bite is treated with alcohol or iodine.

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