Google added in-app Google Translate an important function with artificial intelligence

How to save the Internet in expensive roaming.

Компанія Google додала у додаток Google Translate важливу функцію зі штучним інтелектом

Company Google has added in Google Translate app on Android and iOS the ability to use artificial intelligence to translate text between different languages without access to the Internet. This feature is especially useful in foreign travel with limited and expensive Internet traffic, informs Rus.Media.

In Google Translate before it was possible to use offline dictionaries, but the translations were not always correct, especially in the case of very complex languages. Users can now download dictionaries 59 languages, and the translation is based on the analysis of context allows for much more accurate results.

According to Google, the support of artificial intelligence in the offline dictionaries appears not all users in the coming days. Dictionaries are only 35 megabytes and will fit even on smartphones with low memory.

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