Fake honey is everywhere! Here is how to distinguish it from the real!

6 simple ways.

Підроблений мед буквально всюди! Ось як відрізнити його від справжнього!

Honey, especially raw, natural, organic – incredible healing tool that our ancestors used thousands of years. It kills germs, treats burns and helps to get rid of edema, informs Rus.Media.

But in our time the honey is produced in many different ways. And if you don’t need sweetener with a beautiful name, and really useful tool, it needs to be the one, real, produced by the bees, not the plant or mixed with any poison in the basement of fraud.

So today we have prepared for you as much as 6 ways to understand that you have purchased natural and organic honey.

Only a detailed expert analysis will give you the guarantee that your honey is natural and organic. But if you want to know you are buying a natural product or it is not a honey – remember these simple tips:

Read the label

This is the first step that will help you choose the right honey with no additives. Manufacturers should indicate on the label the composition and the percentage content of the natural product in the package.


Heat a few teaspoons of honey in a microwave oven. High temperature is perfect for testing. Under its influence, real honey become caramelizing, and fake – is covered with foam and bubbles. This reaction is added ingredients to heat.

(Note: this honey can also form a foamy layer at the top – but it is different in structure: it starts to get out of the air, which appeared after extraction from the hive in the process of transfusion).


Drip of honey on a sheet of paper. If it is not absorbed into the paper after a while – your natural honey. Fake honey contains a lot of water, so it is immediately absorbed by the paper.

Water and honey

This is probably the easiest way to find out whether there are any additives in the honey. If the honey mix in warm or hot water – it will dissolve in it. Once the water cools, the honey will gather in droplets on the bottom of the vessel with water. Fake honey just melts without a trace.

Honey and bread

Spread a little honey on a slice of fresh bread. If the bread get heavier – so natural honey. Fake honey slightly moistens the surface of the bread, because it has a lot of water.


Real honey kristallizuetsya some time after purchase. And fake keeps flowing syrupy consistency.

And how do you check the quality of honey?

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