Facebook has officially admitted that he reads your SMS, listen calls and steal contacts!

Yes, even your Smacky!

Facebook визнав офіційно: він читає ваші SMS, слухає дзвінки і краде контакти!

Company executives Facebook replied in writing to questions of the United States Congress, mark Zuckerberg could not or did not want to comment personally. Us lawmakers have set out the letter in open access, informs Rus.Media.

In it, among other things, lists all the information the social network collects about its users.

So, Facebook keeps track of:

  • duration, frequency and time of action in the Facebook window (including whether it is open or in the background);
  • buy user on third party sites;
  • installed applications in the user’s browser
  • mouse movement (cursor) on the user’s device;
  • use of camera app Facebook;
  • the metadata of photos (including time and place);
  • the names and types of files on the device.
  • installed on the device of the user;
  • passwords of the games, programs and other accounts;
  • free disk space on the user’s device;
  • contacts from the address book of the user;
  • history log of calls and SMS (on Android);
  • the nearest access point Wi-Fi and cellular connection;
  • information about mobile and fixed service providers through a network device;
  • the battery level of the user device;
  • the settings and permissions on the user’s device;
  • information and photos of other users and the frequency of interaction and communication with them.

In Facebook I remembered that get information from third party companies. We are talking about action “in the online and offline”, but about what there is a speech, is still unknown. And this is even worse…

Why would they do that???

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