Every eighth Ukrainian UK denies visa

The British Embassy considers it a positive thing.

Кожному восьмому українцю Великобританія відмовляє у візі

Every eighth citizen of Ukraine wishing to visit the UK in 2017, was refused. This figure is almost twice the level of failures in the most demanding Ukrainians Schengen countries such as the Czech Republic (6.9% of the waivers in 2017 and 6.5% in 2016) and the Netherlands (6% failure rate in 2017 and 6.2% in 2016), informs Rus.Media.

While Ukraine ranks third among European countries in the number of applications for British visas. More Ukrainians, British visas are issued only to citizens of Russia and Turkey.

With 85% of Ukrainian applications, which is a “visitors visa” and transit that do not give a work permit, permanent residence or training.

In 13% of cases the UK has refused to issue visas to Ukrainians. Moreover, the British Embassy considers it a positive thing, because in 2015-2016, the figure was higher. In particular, the second and fourth quarters of 2015, Ukrainians received more than 20% failure rate.

In absolute figures it turns out that the refusal of UK visa in the past year, 5,500 citizens of Ukraine.

The citizens of Russia, Turkey, Serbia and Belarus, which are also included in the top five countries of Europe on the number of issued British visas are denied much less frequently: the Russians in 2017 rejected at 2.5% of the cases, Serbs 4%, Belorussians – 5%, Turks – 9%.

As reported “Comments”, starting in 2017 London least six times refused to Kiev in the negotiations about modifying the effect of the visa regime. Embassy of Ukraine in London confirmed that is refused for failure.

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