Dog beer, or 10 of the strangest flavors of beer

Dog beer, or 10 of the strangest flavors of beer.

Собаче пиво, або 10 найдивніших смаків пінного напою

Manufacturers different areas have resorted to various tricks to attract the consumer to the product. Do not stay aside and brewery. Why are only the names: “Tactical nuclear penguin”, “Mental flying dog”, “my Bitter wife”, “Banger”, etc, informs Rus.Media.

But the most distinguished tastes of the foam, which, at first glance, seem incredible.

1. Beer for your beloved dog

The owners of four-legged friends can please Pets unusual soft drink. It is created from beef extract and malt. Interestingly, can not limited to get-togethers in the house and send your dog to the dog pub. Where he poured, and will offer crunchy snacks.

2. Foam milk

The idea to create this intoxicating came to the farmer Hokkaido (Japan). To milk surplus is not lost, he offered the brewery to create an unusual drink. The result was a foam with a fruity taste that goes well with sweets.

3. Drunken pizza

Once the couple Tom and Athena Seifert of Illinois decided to quit a boring job and do the crazy brewing. Before the world saw Mamma Mia Pizza Beer, they have successfully tested an unusual drink with friends. After receiving the approval of others, they began to cook the foam with the inclusion of tomatoes, oregano, garlic and Basil on a large scale.

Собаче пиво, або 10 найдивніших смаків пінного напою

4. Beer belching whale

The Australian invention, brewed with the substance, which is formed in the digestive tract of the marine mammal. After processing, it emits a musky scent. The owner of the brewery claims that the foam smells like seafood. Lovers of conventional varieties after this opening, probably, and non-alcoholic beer seems to be the most delicious in the world.

5. Ale Kelpie seaweed Seawood

Brewery: Williams Brothers (Scotland) for the manufacture of unusual varieties uses the old recipe. One of the ingredients of the drink are algae, which give it a salty flavor. Incidentally, the name “kelp” selected not just. In the Scottish tradition it is a water spirit that lives in lakes and turns into a beautiful horse.

6. Beer… a real beard

John Mayer – brewer with experience with Rogue Ales. To create the drink used his own beard. Raised in the correct amount of yeast and brewed intoxicating. A variety of exotic dedicated to the beard.

7. Extreme Utopias

Typically in froth contains 3-7% alcohol. The brewers decided that this was not enough and increased the strength up to 27%. Utopias is sold every 2 years. Samuel Adams claims that the product is stored for a long time and gets better.

8. Funny beer

Obviously, Israeli chemists were bored, so they decided to add in the intoxicating laughing gas. The drink is marketed as a way to relax, but for some reason the MINISTRY of health was not approved, so not available.

Собаче пиво, або 10 найдивніших смаків пінного напою

9. Moon beer

How to surprise the guests of “Oktoberfest”? Brewery Sharks Head decided not to dwell on the ingredients that you can get on Earth. In the beverage composition are present in lunar minerals. Thanks to the salts in the unusual ingredient is the fermentation process. To surprise the visitors of the festival brewing Shark Head is really successful.

10. Foam with the taste of meat

To cook this unusual beverage brewers placed a pig’s head and bones in a container of intoxicating. If you believe the reviews lovers of flavors, and the drink taste a smoked pig.

To allocate goods from a huge mass of varieties of foam, manufacturers have resorted to the use of alternative recipes and even put the bottles in stuffed animals. Unfortunately (or fortunately?), A lot of strange beverages sold outside of our country, so buy them quite difficult. But if you like extreme, offer another beer, try the foam with the Caribbean red pepper “Habanera” or “Scorpion Trinidad”. The fire inside you provided.

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