Cure rheumatism oil thanks

A home remedy that really works.

Вилікуйте ревматизм завдяки олії

A great recipe for homemade oil, which consists of 100% natural ingredients. It will help to cure any pain in the limbs, and rheumatism. This oil will help to accelerate the blood circulation and is an effective treatment for sciatica, neuralgia, rheumatism, and pains in the limbs. The oil also speeds up metabolism, enhances skin regeneration, increases blood circulation in some parts of the body.

Destroy the rheumatism using this recipe:


  • 10 pieces of fresh red pepper
  • two cups of olive oil
  • glass pot 1 liter

Wash the pepper, throw it in the mixer and add the butter. This mixture is then moved into the container, leave in dark place for 7 days. To achieve quick results, use this oil several times a day, especially if you feel severe pain. After this you need to heat the inflamed limb, that is, putting on socks, wrap myself in a blanket. You will feel warm but not strong, as this compound does not cause burns. After the first use you will immediately feel relief.

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