Clear the pain with the help of folk remedies

You do the procedure until the pain will not leave you.

Зніміть біль у суглобах за допомогою народного засобу

Often in wet weather start to hurt and ache joints. Just at this time comes the exacerbation of inflammatory diseases of the joints. Many have resorted to various drugs. You can also ease aching joints with the help of folk remedies, which you can easily do yourself, the more components included in the composition of ointments readily available.

In particular you can prepare for this special occasion ointment, informs Rus.Media.

For its preparation is enough to have interior lard, turpentine and pine oil.

First, we need to heat up on a water bath until hot interior grease. Then remove the bowl of bacon from the water bath and add one tablespoon of pine oil and also pour a tablespoon of turpentine. Stir. Now with this ointment, you can start to RUB the joints. It’s better to do before bedtime, then a warm blanket wrap.

In this case, fir oil reduces inflammation and pain, turpentine deeply warms, and the fat acts as a basis for ointments.

This procedure can be done as long as the pain will not leave you.

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