Chrome changer install extensions

Chrome меняет правила установки расширений

Google will block the installation of extensions from third party servers.

Google from 12 June begins to introduce new rules for developers of browser extensions.

Soon the user will be able to install only those extensions that have been published on the official website of Chrome Web Store, reports the online edition of the with reference for a New time.

Google analyzed user complaints on the Chrome. It turned out that a huge number claim to have extensions installed from third party sources.

The situation largely reflects the situation with Android. While Google Play Store is considered a safe source applications, users can install apps from other sources. Google can’t ban it for Android, but I’ll try to prevent malicious extensions in Chrome.

It will not happen immediately, to give conscientious developers time to put your extension in the online store.

New extensions published after June 12 will not be able to call the built-in installation and is instead redirected to the Chrome web store. Since September 12, this will happen even for old extensions. Then, when will the version Chrome 71 API for built-in installation will be completely deleted all Chrome extensions can be installed only from the store.

Thus, in the future we will have a version of Chrome that would not work with a built-in installation. However, users should be aware that, as in the Google Play Store, Chrome Web Store has its own share of malicious extensions that are disguised as legitimate.

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