Characteristic symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease that cannot be ignored

Характерные симптомы болезни Альцгеймера, которые нельзя игнорировать

Scientists say that it is possible to stop the progress of this disease, if diagnosed at an early stage.

Alzheimer’s disease is one of the forms of dementia, and it develops most often after 50 years.

This disease is considered a genetic disorder, and unfortunately, to date, it is incurable. But doctors can help to slow down its development, however, relatives of the patient should turn to them for help.

Characteristic of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms manifested at the beginning:

partial blackouts;

– reduced intellectual abilities;

– the loss in time and space;

– panic attack;

– difficulty learning and remembering new information;

– lethargy and depression;

– unwillingness to maintain relations with people and go out.

These signs of Alzheimer’s disease should alert the relatives of the person from whom they were observed. Otherwise, the disease will gradually progress and stop it already will be impossible.

Signals a rapidly developing dementia:

– person complains about something that does not exist, for example, he feels that he’s stealing things, money, food;

– the patient may be lost and not be able to explain to others who he is and where he lives;

– lost all acquired skills throughout life, for example, the patient does not have time to walk to the toilet, because they do not understand what he wants and what is the room in which the toilet bowl;

– may no longer recognize loved ones and relatives.

At the last stage of Alzheimer’s the patient may be bedridden, because the cells of the brain every day die off and the internal organs and systems of the body “forget” how to work.

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