British woman hears strange sounds from the other world

32-year-old woman who has a 11-year-old daughter, fears that each day could be your last.

Британка чує незрозумілі звуки з потойбічного світу

Resident of Britain Venesia Sorento for several years, suffers from a rare disease of Arnold Chiari malformation. The disease is accompanied by painful symptoms, one of which is a suction in the head of the patient, which she hears almost constantly. The woman just doesn’t know where to go from him, as the sound provokes terrible headaches. She always think that she is sinking, the sound of the heartbeat for her is just horrible torture. The woman is constantly caring nurse that is trying to make life easier Veneti. The woman has a 11-year-old daughter, but not as something to help her, because she needs help. Now the British began collecting money for the operation in the United States. American doctors can save her from the terrible symptoms, but their help is worth a lot of money. Meanwhile, the woman fears that each new day could be her last, because she hears strange sounds from the other world, informs Rus.Media.

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