Berry mix: top 7 most useful summer berries

For anybody not a secret that berries is just a storehouse of vitamins!

Ягідний мікс: топ-7 найбільш корисних літніх ягід

We love summer for the warm evening, the sun and water, as well as berries and fruits, which you can overeat constantly. However, among the berries have such magic wand that are not only delicious, but also useful. We’ll tell you how berry what is useful, informs Rus.Media.

The first thing to warn you – yet, if there is a huge amount of berries, you can earn allergies and other diseases, so before you run to the store, remember – “sho zanadto, it is not sensible”.

For eye health physicians recommend to use the infamous Goji berry. Doctors warn – the way to lose weight with their help while it is not tested science, but here’s for eye health, they are considered as an indispensable component.

Very useful also bilberry, which is beneficial for eyes and is a real source of vitamins and magnesium. That is why blueberries reduces the risk of diabetes and slows the aging process in the brain.

Strawberries reduces the risk of blood infection, and also reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes, and even protects against cancer.

Raspberries contain polyphenols, which reduce oxidative stress by increasing the level of leptin and therefore gives a feeling of satiety. Raspberry struggling with inflammatory processes, reduces the level of polyps in the intestine. Especially useful this berry for the heart.

The cranberries – the first berry on the subject of fighting inflammation. Cranberries also reduce the risk of heart disease and lowers blood sugar.

Cranberry, and strawberry is a universal berry. It not only reduces the risk of infections of the genitourinary system, but also helps in fighting gastrointestinal diseases.

In the skin and seeds of grapes contain a lot of polyphenols, substances that reduce blood pressure and reduces the risk of developing type 2 diabetes.

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