Anita Lutsenko has deduced the formula of ideal body

Star coach Anita Lutsenko said that to each his own

Анита Луценко вывела формулу идеального тела

Famous star coach and TV presenter Anita Lutsenko always gives many useful tips about strove and sport in the social networks. So, today Anita shared with followers on Instagram a black-and-white photo from the new photoset, and under it wrote a great post about how should look the perfect body.

Анита Луценко вывела формулу идеального тела

“For me, a slim body? It’s not exactly SAMODELNOE body which has no energy and effort due to the fact that not enough food it received during the day. The body should be firm and to breathe health and not dystrophy and patients. As shown by our @bogdanjulia survey of acquaintances and random people: most people will limit themselves strictly to the food than to exercise regularly, when all of a sudden need to lose weight.

So: BETTER a LITTLE EXERCISE ( even 5 minutes a day and not 10 km every day) and proper nutrition + a bit of the hazards of amenities than diet, suffering, setbacks, pangs! Be slim, beautiful, but not muddled in the head about weight loss! A healthy lifestyle is not all for show – I’m good! It is an inner desire to feel great, cool and comfortable, even with the extra pounds! It is important to understand that form a healthy body is not as thin as a model’s body! to each his own!The sumo one, models second, coaches third students fourth!” – signed Anita. For a small amount of time the gained almost 15 thousand likes, a lot of compliments and discussions.

Анита Луценко вывела формулу идеального тела

Earlier “Znayu” talked about the fact that Anita Lutsenko is a happy mother of 2-year-old daughter, MIA. Recently she had a birthday and for this reason Anita made a very touching post on his page in Instagram.

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