Angelina Jolie may be deprived of custody of children if she will establish a relationship with brad pitt

The Hollywood actress is suing ex – husband brad pitt.

Анджеліну Джолі можуть позбавити опіки над дітьми якщо вона не налагодить стосунки з Бредом Піттом

The iconic actress Angelina Jolie may lose the right to parent primary custody of their six children, informs Rus.Media.

This decision will take the court in the case that the Hollywood star will not establish relations with her ex-husband brad pitt. This became known from court documents that were at the disposal of edition People.

The documents say:

It is extremely important that the children of the pair have a strong relationship as mother and father.

While Jolie is constantly trying to isolate children from the former husband.

The judge also outlined specific steps that Angelina needs to do to help brad to make contact with children, including a detailed schedule of summer meetings and communication of the children with father on the phone, without the control or interference by Jolie.

Note that Jolie and pitt have six children, three of whom are adopted.

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