Advertising a horror film on YouTube scared the children

Advertising a horror movie was shown while watching a cartoon.

Реклама фільму жахів на YouTube налякала дітей

Is the horror film “the Astral plane 4: the final key”, shown before the viewing of children’s videos scared young viewers, informs Rus.Media.

It is reported BBC with reference to the standards Agency advertising.

Received three complaints from parents whose children saw the movie trailer. According to them, the advertisement was shown before the videos of the songs “Cold heart,” steps for creating the fire station of LEGO and the cartoon “Heroes in disguise”. The trailer was unavoidable for five seconds.

The company Sony Pictures, which owns the rights to the film, said that ruled out an unknown audience and children with ad targeting.

It is assumed that the algorithms categorize content proved to be false, however, according to representatives of Google, the advertisers are solely responsible for their campaigns. YouTube also noted that the advertisement did not appear in the app for kids, where all content is filtered.

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