7 types of heels, which is useful to know

We often buy shoes based exclusively on their sense of beauty and necessity.

7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

But knowing the basic types of heels, you will make choices much more consciously!

Vienna heels

Shoes with the Vienna heel a lot of us all would call shoes without heels, so it is low. Its height does not exceed 2 centimeters, and so often found in classical ballet. By the way, if you still believe that the most useful with an orthopedic point of view, the heel should be 5 cm, is excited to announce the latest news: according to research by American scientists, the ideal height is 2.5 cm, so that the Viennese heel quite close to the ideal, informs Rus.Media.

Well, if you love flats brand flat shoes, think about it, because the lack of heel is not less harmful than excessive height.

The glass

7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

This is an enchanting view of the heel, the height of which rarely exceeds 5 cm, so called because it resembles the leg of the glasses with a wide top and graceful narrowing towards the bottom. Thanks to Audrey Hepburn, this version of the heel enjoyed incredible popularity in the middle of the last century, and in the English version it is called kitten heels, which can be roughly translated as “cat’s paw”.

Despite the fact that the heel-the glass looks very elegant, many quite rightly call it uncomfortable and with poor stability.

Wedge heels

7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

Like the glass, the heel tapers to the bottom, but even visually noticeable that this option offers the owner a solid resistance. Keep in mind, many ladies noted that it is better to choose the wedge heels, if they are above 6-7 cm, because otherwise they look too massive.


7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

One of the most popular options for those who love high heels, but do not honor the studs, again using resistance. And its such a selection does not hold! Even at the height of 13-15 cm you will feel comfortable enough, because the column it is a column, and assign it to stand firmly on the ground.


7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

The most desirable, most spectacular and often the most uncomfortable for thousands of women, studs are unquestionable authority among all types of heels! Perhaps, it is difficult to find at least one girl who does not (even if she is wearing them only once at the big event!) elegant shoes on high heels.

This heel has an almost magical ability to lengthen your legs, therefore, in such shoes you will feel as a real model.

Unfortunately, the objective and the brutal truth is that stilettos top the list of harmful shoes, because through them the centre of gravity of your body shifts forward and the hips and the spine no longer be a straight line as nature intended. In addition, balance requires constant muscle tension in legs and back, which ultimately leads to muscle spasms.

Beauty, as we know, requires sacrifice, but maybe you should find shoes that will require sacrifice less?

Heel flared

7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

The name this heel is received by the extension to the bottom. Its width can vary, for example, in ballroom dancing heel flared pretty nifty, and the extension provides greater stability.

This option is perfect for those who want to wear high heels, but not quite confident in his ability to hold on to.


7 видів підборів, про які корисно знати

Refers to the varieties of heels, but actually a special kind of footwear that combines the functions of heel and sole. Despite its peculiarity of wedge shoes is found in a variety of styles here and the classic pumps, espadrilles and even trainers.

Wedge heel boasts excellent durability, in fact, the very name comes to us from the military field, is the name of the armored car.

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