Musk said that when Tesla will have a full-fledged autopilot

Маск сообщил, когда в Tesla появится полноценный автопилот

Update V9 will fix all the shortcomings and mistakes and give Tesla owners what they’ve been waiting for.

Nothing seems able to stop Elon musk on the way to turning science fiction into reality. This summer the head of Tesla promises to provide the world a real autopilot level 5, reports the online edition of the with reference to

The fall of stocks, delays in manufacturing, litigation in connection with accidents – Tesla would have to survive the crisis, but thanks to an ambitious leader continues to evolve rapidly. Musk made a statement in his style – in response to another petty complaint to the shortcomings of the functions of the autopilot latest version. The owner of the electric vehicle have complained that the autopilot does not properly respond to the narrowing of lanes and instead take the next number, the car tries to rotate.

“In the long-awaited version of the program autopilot Tesla Version 9, which will be released in August, all the shortcomings will be eliminated. All functions of the autopilot will be focused on security. Update V9 will be the beginning of a full autopilot,” wrote Elon Musk.

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