In Seoul have detained a “spider-man”, trying to climb the skyscraper. Video

В Сеуле задержали "человека-паука", пытавшегося забраться на небоскреб. Видео

Unauthorized assault on the high-rise was stopped by the security service.

In the Internet appeared the video of a failed climb, “spider-man” on a skyscraper in Seoul. Alain Robert, who throughout the world call French spider-Man for fearless climbing without safety and special equipment, tried to climb it on 123-storey Lotte World Tower building, reports the with reference to Comments.

According to local media reports, Robert began to conquer new heights in the early morning and for two hours nobody bothered to commit another deed in the name of fame. He was seen by guards at the level of 75 floor skyscraper.

The assault on the skyscraper was stopped by the security service: “spider-man” because he was raised without permission. The guards followed him two hours inside the building.

“I decided to conquer the tower, so as to note quickly improving ties between North Korea and South Korea,” explained Robert. But the words did not save him from a fine and deportation.

Note that Alain Robert for their achievements listed in the Guinness Book of records. On account of his most famous skyscrapers of the world, including the tower “Burj Khalifa” in Dubai.The guy arrived in France from Mali and was in the country illegally.

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