How to prune fruit trees in summer – 5 simple and effective techniques

The gardeners are convinced that trim fruit trees need only in the spring. But this is just a tribute to history and tradition. In the formation of young fruit trees summer pruning is not only possible but more effective.

Як обрізати плодові дерева влітку - 5 простих і ефективних прийомів

Move 1: glare of the kidneys (eyes)

Як обрізати плодові дерева влітку - 5 простих і ефективних прийомів

If some part of the crown is well developed kidney, it is sure to grow the branch. Often it is undesirable, and you know that eventually it will have to be cut. Therefore, this kidney, it is better to dazzle (to remove garden knife). The released nutrients will be used to strengthen the growth of other, more useful branches. Apply the technique only on young plants. On adult trees to pluck all the unnecessary buds are just unreal, informs Rus.Media.

Reception 2: remove side shoots

Як обрізати плодові дерева влітку - 5 простих і ефективних прийомів

Side-shoot removing is vilaca excess green shoots at the beginning of their regeneration. The reception is close to thinning. Shoots that thicken the crown, it is better to remove early in their development.

Annual pruning is often used as a Supplement to the spring. For example, if the tree Pamesa, and it is difficult to establish the boundaries of the death of branches, pruning is better to move closer to the summer, when it is fully blooming buds and begin vegetative growth.

Reception 3: pinterova (nipping)

Як обрізати плодові дерева влітку - 5 простих і ефективних прийомів

To stop the growth of shoots in length, remove (Presient) of the top (5-10 cm). Pinciroli helps to regulate the growth of skeletal branches of young trees in the highly developing branches temporarily stops the growth, which gives the possibility of backward branches to catch her, balancing thereby the development of the crown. Growth after pinciroli usually stops for 10-15 days. After his recovery pinterova can be repeated. The nipping is carried out with shears, scissors, a knife or just hands.

Reception 4: Vilaka shoots

The procedure involves the removal of the crown neoteny, herbaceous shoots. If the base of the sprout Tremesna, it is better to cut the ring shears. Break out those shoots that are not needed for the formation of skeletal and poluskeletnye branches (primarily competitors, spinning tops). This should be done when the shoots reached a length of 5-10 cm Wound caused to the tree when vilom, heal quickly, and reduces the occurrence of infections. By the way, if you missed the boat, and the shoots are already travesl, summer vilaca will still give a better result than the subsequent crop.

Also need to cut shoots that are formed after the reduction of the crown. If the decline was strong, then these shoots is very much. Leave them – and by the autumn they will become like the brush of a strong, well oblistvennyh branches.

Technique 5: the deviation of the branches

Як обрізати плодові дерева влітку - 5 простих і ефективних прийомів

This technique regulates the growth and fruiting branches. Gardeners have long noticed: the closer the position of the branches to the horizontal, the weaker its growth and the more it lays the flower buds. Bend the branches at any time but is most effective – at the beginning trevenna shoots. Fix the branches in a horizontal or drooping position, tying them with twine to the trunk, next branch or peg driven into the ground, or hanging weights on them (e.g., water bottles). When the branch will adopt a stable position (approximately 4-5 months), twine removed, because it can cut into the bark, the branch or the whole tree will die.

If you still doubt the advisability of summer pruning, doctor of agricultural Sciences Valery Matveev presents its arguments in favor of the procedure:

pruning cherry, black cherry, plum, plum immediately after harvesting does not cause the inevitable spring pruning cameramen; for the winter wounds well heal;
pruning will help to get rid of small lesions of the branches of the dangerous diseases (Monilia, trees, black cancer). And most importantly, will not leave pathogens spend the winter in the garden and will not allow them to start their malicious work in early spring.
As you can see, summer pruning is an important and useful procedure, which should not be neglected if you want to next year good harvest.

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