He bought two melons for 30 000$ at the fruit auction

The sinh Noda, President of the packaging of fruit and vegetables Hokuyu Pack, spent nearly $ 30,000 on two Yubari melons. This rate completely undermined the previous two years of application.

Він купив дві дині за 30 000$ на фруктовому аукціоні

This past weekend Japan hosted the first fruit auction of the season, and one person decided to set a new record. President of fruit and vegetable packaging company Hokuyu Pack Shinya Noda wished to celebrate the 30th anniversary of his company, informs Rus.Media.

He offered 3.2 million. Yen (more than 29 000 dollars) PS two melons grown in Yubari, the municipality in southwest Japan. The area is famous for its melons.

Melons like Kobe beef or champagne. What makes them so special and difficult, is that they need to grow in certain conditions.

I know what you think. 29 000 dollars for a pair of melons very funny, and it might be hard to believe, but fruit there is outrageously expensive. One Apple can cost about $ 5. A sentence Node over the fact that he set a new record.

In 2016 the record for the highest price of melon was 3 million yen (a little more than 27 000 dollars). Last year, Japan’s economy was a bit poor, so a pair of melons was sold for only 1.5 million. yen (almost $ 14,000 USA).

Yubari melons are known for their sweet taste. Melons are still really expensive. Usually they cost from 53 to 106 dollars for a melon.

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