The secrets of growing watermelons

Secrets for growing watermelons, there are many.

Секрети вирощування кавунів

Secrets for growing watermelons, there are many, among which the most “secret” are:

Watermelon grows very well in areas which were planted with these preliminary cultures as clover and other perennial grasses. This is due to the presence after growth of these plants in the soil a large supply of useful organic substances, and absence of specific pests and diseases in the soil, informs Rus.Media.

Watermelon does not like too high humidity of soil and air. If the humidity is low, 45-60%, the plant may become seriously ill, to the same number of ovaries is reduced dramatically, which adversely affects overall productivity.

Quality seeds purchased in specialized points of sales, and best of all at the company store – the key to high yields. Purchased on the market, in bulk, do not know what quality of seed is a lottery. A very expensive lottery value, which is expressed not only in money but in time spent, effort, and, as a rule, hope for good harvest.

Care tips


Regular watering is necessary for the watermelon only in the first month. During the period of fruit ripening need to be watered only in very dry seasons. If during this period to water too often, it will lead to the reduction of sugar content in the berries, the roots of plants up to this point is able to deliver moisture from deep soil layers.

Watering necessarily made with water heated in the sun up to 25 degrees.


Feeding, which is held in advance, and not in cases when the plant begins to “require” missing nutrients, is able to significantly increase the harvest of gourds. Nutrient reserves in the soil are not limitless, the earth is depleted, and can not fully meet the “needs”, especially hybrid varieties of watermelon.

Particularly strong plant watermelon reacts to the lack in the soil of such elements as potassium. With a lack of potassium, greatly reduces the yield and increases the risk of plant diseases. Excess fertilizer is not less harmful than their deficits, so before you feed the plant, you need to read a guide on the use of a chemical composition.

In second place on the watermelon plants need additional feeding is nitrogen. To feed the plant as mineral fertilizers with the contents of this element and to use organic, such as manure or bird droppings.

Manure must be perepravki. It is diluted in warm water and allow to infuse for a while. After the watermelons are watered at the root is approximately in a volume of 0.5 liters.

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