The peonies bloomed out what to do next

Plants have gorgeous flowers and leaves, so even after the plant is finished flowering, it still looks very nice. ITS leaves look like a beautiful green bouquet.

Півонії відцвіли, що робити далі

Do I need to trim peonies after flowering
To do it categorically it is impossible, as at this time laid the buds for the next flowering. At this time, the peonies are starting to stock up myself nutrients, so cutting the roots the stems and the leaves, the gardener runs the risk to weaken significantly and including to kill a peony forever, informs Rus.Media.

Peonies need only in ornamental pruning. So next year the peonies had the opportunity to amuse you with beautiful and lush flowers, it is not necessary to cut the stalks with vdclk buds. You need to leave the lower part with 2-3 leaves.

The roots to cut peonies only in the autumn, after the onset of stable frost. Leave stumps with a height of 20-30 mm and to shelter them from the cold.

If you want the peonies bloom next year lush, beautiful grapes, then after they bloomed and formed the family boxes, every sprig cut on top of the three buds at the bottom. Then on the fourth the kidney will form a flower Bud. So you need to do with all the branches of the bushes.

How and what pacorini peony
Up to three years, the bushes of peonies need regular watering and tilling of the earth. Most adult shrubs need regular feeding. To Bush peonies were powerful, robust and richly flowering, fertilize it at least three times. And here’s how:

The first feeding of pions produced in early spring, when there is no snow. (2 tablespoons of “Agricola” in a bucket of water).
The second feeding is performed in the period of development of buds, in order to improve a property of the flowers. (2 tablespoons of “Perfection” in a bucket of water).
A third dressing is done in September (1 tablespoon of superphosphate and potassium sulphate in a bucket of water).

Also a great variety of dressings sold at the flower shop!

How to transplant peonies

The best time to transplant peonies is early fall. In order to successfully prijaviti peony need to consider the following points:

The underground part of the hive is very large, so the hole for the transplant must be at least 50-60 inches in depth;
Transplant starts with the trimming of the Bush, leaving only 1/3 of a cent;
Gently alkapav Bush at a distance of 20 cm from the roots. Herbaceous peony should be apkopoti and pull fork;
Digging roots, plant leaves in the shade for 3-4 hours. Fleshy roots shortened to 15-20 cm. Take all unhealthy and rotten, and preserved healthy roots, divide into several parts, so that any part had at least 5-6 buds. Split the Bush in half with a sharp wooden tool. Healthy roots from the earth shake and leave for 2-3 hours in open air;
Divided roots are planted in prepared for this well in advance of the pit, as the soil needs to settle. Ensure that the upper part was at a depth of no less than 5 centimeters. But to bury their rhizomes in any case it is impossible, otherwise peony roots will not be green and including and have every chance of abyss. The peony bushes are planted, respecting the distance of 1 meter from each other.

Based around the transplanted peonies not RAM that does not damage the kidneys;
Peony watered and add humus;
If necessary, allowed to transplant peonies in the spring, but this reflects poorly on the plant, she becomes weak and not blooming.
These are all important points to consider when you transplant a flower!

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