The orangutan jumped on a bulldozer trying to protect your forest. Video

Орангутан набросился на бульдозер, пытаясь защитить свой лес. Видео

Many scientists believe orangutans are the most intelligent creatures on Earth after humans.

The international zooprotective organization “International Animal Rescue” published harrowing footage on the Indonesian part of the island of Kalimantan. Sad video shows orangutan caught in the middle of the intensive deforestation of the rainforest, reports the with reference to Esoreiter.

The unfortunate animal is saved from people and equipment in the trunk of a fallen tree. At some point the primacy of the approaches employed excavator and hits him with his paw, as if desperately trying to stop the activities of loggers. After that, the orangutan down to earth and seems to be hiding from people.

Animal advocates are confident that the primacy in the case unsuccessfully tried to resist destroying his environment technique. Some netizens believe that the “International Animal Rescue” some dramatic incident, however, even these commentators recognize the monstrous neglect of humans to animals.

According to zoodefenders, the orangutan was injured and they rescued him, moved subsequently to a safe place. The video was made public in order to draw world attention to the problem of the uncontrolled destruction of forests, leading to a sharp reduction in populations of rare species of animals, however, and plants too.

Recall that many scientists believe orangutans are the most intelligent creatures on Earth after humans. In 1973, the population of these primates was in Kalimantan of about 300 thousand individuals, and today, barely 100 thousand.

Experts predict that by the year 2068 the monkeys will disappear completely from the island, if the barbarian attitude to nature, that is, deforestation will not stop.

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