Rolls-Royce will fire 4,000 workers: the reason

Rolls-Royce уволит 4000 рабочих: названа причина

Rolls-Royce will cut thousands of jobs this week in the restructuring process of the company.Chief Executive officer of the company, Mr. East stated that it would be closed a lot of offices, which is equal to 4,000 jobs, reports the

Rolls-Royce is trying to keep the budget around 1 billion pounds to cope with the development of the new engine Trent 1000. The airline was forced to suspend the aircraft with these engines from flights because of concerns that they could fail during flight.

A team of engineers Rolls-Royce is now examining nearly 400 damaged engine and, if necessary, will have to perform their repair.

The company cut costs and started to look for cheaper offices in London to help offset the cost of the work.

Rolls-Royce also faces the prospect of payment of compensation by airlines in operating aircraft.

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