If you go on vacation, here’s how to assemble “kit” for the road. Not all drugs can be imported

If you are going on holiday abroad, check the rules of transportation of drugs, so as not to inadvertently break the law.

Якщо їдете у відпустку, ось як правильно зібрати "аптечку" в дорогу. Не всі ліки можна ввозити

We have many common drugs are “controlled drugs” in other countries: for example, in Japan Smoking some cold remedies and in Singapore requires special permits for sleeping pills, reports Rus.Media.

Violation of the relevant laws is punishable by a fine or even imprisonment!

Japan banned drugs containing pseudoephedrine.

And in Qatar any cure for cold and cough you can only have when prescribed.

Go to jail, or to fly for money in many countries, including popular tourist Greece and the UAE.

Among the other restrictions:

  • in Singapore, a permit is required for hypnotics, anxiolytics and potent analgesics;
  • in Costa Rica and China prescription drugs is allowed only when prescribed;
  • in Costa Rica it is forbidden to have a greater amount of drug than prescription;
  • Indonesia has banned many prescription drugs, in particular codeine, sleeping pills and ADHD;
  • in China you always need to have a note from the doctor if you carry any medications;
  • in India, Pakistan and Turkey have lists of medicines that are prohibited to import.

It is best to know such details in advance.

How to ensure your health during the journey:

  • keep medications (including over-the-counter) in original packaging marcomani in carry-on baggage;
  • take a spare set of medications in your Luggage in case of loss of hand Luggage;
  • a letter from the doctor listing the generic names of the prescribed medicines will help you to quickly pass customs and find a replacement for medications in case of emergency;
  • any controlled and injectable medications must be accompanied by a doctor’s letter on hospital letterhead;
  • take care of proper insurance for the trip, including travel insurance and insurance for all sickness.

Protect yourself from unnecessary problems!

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