Card OOS (ATO) as at 10 Jun 2018

The situation in the East of the country (map ATO) as of 12:00 June 10, 2018 according to the NSDC of Ukraine.

During the day, in the past, the situation on the frontline has not changed significantly and remained controlled by units of the United forces, reports Rus.Media.

Yesterday enemy once again used weapons banned by the Minsk agreements, namely the tanks and artillery of large caliber.

In General for last days, on June 9, units of the combined forces of the 30 recorded sighting of enemy attacks, during which the Russian occupation troops released 31 mine of weapons banned by the Minsk agreements.

With the aim of preserving life and health of personnel, our soldiers 20 times opened fire in response, using regular infantry weapons.

Yesterday in the fighting wounded two of our soldiers. Their health status is satisfactory, the soldiers delivered in military-medical institutions in Pokrovsk.

According to our intelligence was not without casualties in the ranks of the occupation forces – as a result of well-aimed retaliatory fire, two militants were killed and five were injured.

Lugansk direction

During the last day recorded 8 impact of the attacks of the enemy.

As in previous days, the enemy again concentrated their fire near Novomoskovskaja, was fired from mnemeth caliber 120. In addition, the Russian occupation troops fired at positions of defenders of the Crimean Novozvanivka, Luhansk, Svetlodarsk and Gold. In these areas settlements, the militants did not use guns of large caliber, but fired towards the positions of Ukrainian troops from rocket-propelled grenades, machine guns, small arms.

Donetsk direction

During the day enemy activity increased slightly. There were 22 impact of attacks by Russian occupation troops.

In particular, near the settlement Novoselovka the Second enemy was mortar fire from the artillery of caliber of 120.
8 enemy mortar shells exploded near this village yesterday afternoon.

In addition, the area of the settlement Sands, the militants fired on positions of our defenders 8 mortar 82 caliber and fired at positions of defenders of the Survey, released 12 minutes, 82 caliber. The enemy did not cease firing also nearby Pdevice – where the militants used weapons, infantry fighting vehicles.

Not been easy in other parts of the line of contact, in particular in the area of Shirokino, Marinka, Pavlopol, Gotovogo, Water, Novotroitsk, Lebedinsky.

Near these villages the enemy was tarbouchi fire from heavy machine guns and grenade launchers of various types.

The situation on the contact line as of this morning, June 10

From midnight till 09:00 am 5 recorded sighting of enemy shelling positions of the Ukrainian defenders by the Russian occupation forces.

In particular, the direction of Lugansk during the night the enemy used large-caliber machine guns, grenade launchers and small arms, firing at our positions near n of the n end of September and the nut.

I note that the Ukrainian defenders opened fire in response.

Other attacks by the enemy with small arms were recorded that night on the Donetsk direction, namely in the area of Marinka and Water.

Yesterday, June 9, in the framework of the NATO trust Fund on medical rehabilitation for the two-week treatment in Bulgaria went 10-combatants, victims of combat injuries during the fighting in the East of Ukraine.

This initiative is based on the agreement between the Ministry of defense of Bulgaria and the Ministry of social policy of Ukraine, in the framework of the trust Fund of NATO in the field of medical rehabilitation, which was signed in October last year.

In the period from 4 to 8 June visit to Ukraine of the delegation of the Armed forces of the United States of America.

Experts arrived to determine and improve the main tasks of two mobile training groups of the U.S. armed forces, who will assist the armed forces of Ukraine in matters of recruiting.

The U.S. military familiar with the practical work of professionals in the involvement of the military service under the contract, which is held by the existing recruitment system and had the opportunity to compare it with the future system of recruiting that will be embodied in the work of territorial centers of completing and social support.

In certain districts of the Donetsk and Luhansk regions continues the work of the engineer units of the Armed forces of Ukraine.

During the week the bomb squad checked over 18.5 hectares of land and disposed of more than 550 items. Cleared more than 2.5 km of roads and routes.

Since the beginning of hostilities in the East of demining units of the armed forces of Ukraine checked over 3895,29 hectares of land and cleared more than 198 thousand explosive objects.

Since the beginning of the 2018 incentive differences of the Ministry of defense awarded more than 3 thousand 170 military personnel and the armed forces of Ukraine.

The status of combatants received more than 232 thousands of military personnel and the armed forces of Ukraine – participants of the ATO.

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