Putin’s address to the guests of the 2018 world Cup has caused outrage in the Network. Video

Обращение Путина к гостям ЧМ-2018 вызвало возмущение в Сети. Видео

“Welcome to Russia!”, – graduated from the speech of Putin in English.

A video of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin to the guests of the world Cup caused a loud disturbance in the network, reports the online edition of the Chronicle.info with reference to apostrophe.ua.

“Welcome football fans and the best football teams of the world! All who have come to Russia and who want to be a participant in the greatest international event – the FIFA world Cup.

For our country a great joy and honor to host representatives of a great football family, to give you a real holiday full of sports excitement and sharp emotions,” – said Putin.

“I hope, unforgettable impressions you will leave not only the matches of your favorite teams and skill players, but also get acquainted with Russia, its distinctive culture, unique history and rich nature, with its welcoming, very sincere and friendly people.

We did everything for our guests – athletes, professionals and fans – feel at home in Russia. We gave the world our country and our hearts. Welcome to the FIFA world Cup!” – added the Russian head of state.

“Welcome to Russia!”, – graduated from the speech of Putin in English.

“What a disgusting mug thief

And the owners let you feel like strangers to this celebration?

And how vrazhiny Western stooges pendosovskih, Europa decaying?

Make yourself at home, but you good mood and stay there. There is no money,” wrote the user.

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